Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No One Ever Thinks About the Poop

Both yesterday and today, I have woken up to poopy diapers. Tomorrow I'm hoping to wake up and find that the Cleaning/Christmas Shopping Fairy came during the night. I won't hold my breath- I save that for the poop. People who see us out and about always say "Oh! I always wanted twins!" but I think they have failed to take this aspect into consideration... I ca't be mad at them though because look (!) how cute!!!
This is the best smile I could catch on Claire. That girl takes after her Uncle David and starts making goofy faces when she sees the camera. Amelia, on the other hand, is a total ham-
And here the girls are trying on their Christmas dresses at my parents' house-
Claire wasn't too sure about being dressed up.  FYI- my mom made these dresses! Is she talented or what?

In other news, our closing date on our house got pushed back to Jan. 7th. Not happy. The reason we're buying a house is because we need to live there! Sigh... I guess we'll manage.

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