Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last catch-up post

Nana and Bob-Bob (Steve's parents) along with Auntie Em got out the Big Red Car while we were in Birmingham. I think they got it out for Leighton but Steve and Uncle Chris put both girls in. I think they actually liked it.
I absolutely can NOT believe these two are six months old! And they have been for 2 whole days! They are such good, beautiful girls. I really can't say enough about them. Their 6 month birthday was also the one-year anniversary of when we found out we were having twins. It has really been an incredible year. I can't believe that a year ago, I looked like this-
And then 6 months ago I looked like this-
And now I have these two little beauties to show for it!-
As you can see, they LOVE to walk. Luckily, it has been pleasant outside lately so we have been walking almost every day. We just walk around the neighborhood for now. Once the girls are taking fewer naps and staying awake longer between them, I'm hoping to take them around to some parks and down to the RiverWalk.

The naps are a whole 'nother story. Our sleep book says they should be taking two to three naps a day night now and quickly going to just two naps a day. They take four. They are sleeping twelve hours at night and have been for almost 2 months now. But four naps a day seems like a lot! Thankfully, they are both on the same nap schedule for the most part so we don't have one taking 2 naps and one taking 4 naps (for now!).  These aren't long naps they're taking either- we're talking 30-40 minutes. But, I always say that they sleep so well at night, I don't care what they do during the day. And they are really pleasant little people. They have gotten where they go down for their naps so easily. I just lay them in bed with a kiss, tuck their bunnies in beside them, cover them with their blankies and play their music box. Come back in 5 minutes and they are out. Its lovely. But I would be interested to know if anyone else's children took this many naps ever?

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  1. Probably not at 6 months, but I did have sleepers like that too. =) We used that book also, but didn't discover it until AFTER we really needed it! One day we decided we needed to start some kind of schedule (around 3 months or so) and started experimenting around....I bought the book because it seemed like my kids wanted to go to bed for the night at like 530 lol. I had to make sure this was "ok" and not super weird! And yea, it was okay. :)
    Enjoy their sleep while you can....and they look so beautiful BTW!