Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy. So so happy.

Not to sound like a total cheeseball, but I am LOVING life lately. Is it sometimes hard? Yes. But it is SO worth it! My girlies are just wonderful. There is nothing like that first smile in the morning when you "rescue" them from their cribs. There is nothing like kisses and hugs and giggles. Having twins is the BEST! Because they are twins. Not in spite of it. If you really really really want your heart to melt, come watch my girls hold hands and talk to each other. Come watch Amelia nibble all over Claire's hand. Come watch them look at each other and just smile. Seriously, twin sisters are the best. I have a feeling that when they are big enough to give each other hugs and kisses, its going to be happening a LOT. I'm sure there will be hair-pulling and biting too but I think they already love each other.
Seriously, have you ever seen such gorgeous little girls? They are such beauties! Every day I feel so lucky to be their mama. Wednesday night, I had a function to attend and I had to leave before the girls' bedtime. It was the first time that I wasn't there to put them to bed. And I cried. I don't want my babies going to bed without me! That's sad!
Claire wasn't really feeling like having her picture made but how cute is Amelia's little face??? She's so precious! And speaking of precious- check out these pig tails!
That picture was taken with my phone so its not the best but holy cute! She is ADORABLE with her piggies! I know because everyone on Facebook said so...
Last week I put up this vinyl tree in the girl's room. Its adorable and it was incredibly easy to put up. I think it makes the room. My parents were here last weekend to visit the girls:
They had so much fun! Daddy just came home early so we are off for some playing before bedtime!


  1. Your girls are beautiful! I enjoyed meeting them at Grandma's! Caroline is lucky to have little second cousins her age! It's funny how much more hair Claire has than Amelia! Caroline's is more like Amelia's. Hope to see you guys sooner rather than later!


  2. They are both adorable! I love the pig-tails too. Hug them for us.


  3. They are getting so big! Adorable!
    Mine are 3, and I remember the first time away and not being able to put them to bed. I cried too. I still don't like it, and don't do it very often at all...I'm their Mommy, and that tuck in time is very important to me. :)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Those pig tails are something else! How cute!

  5. I agree....those are some vety adorable baby girls! They look so huggable! So glad everything is going so well!