Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Doctor That Will Never See Us Again

Ok first some pictures and things and then the crazy doctor story.
This is Olivia (Livvy!) from next door. She is about two weeks younger than the girls but if you can't tell, she's about twice their size. LOL That sweet girl is a chunk! Livvy's mom Leah has been super nice to us. She came over and introduced herself right after we moved in and she invited us over for lunch last week. We didn't get to stay long because, 3 babies. But I think its going to be nice having a friend right next door. As you can see, Claire was not too sure about Olivia. She kept looking at her like "Ok, I know that's not my sister... so who is it???"
Steve won't use a baby-carrier. I guess he thinks this is an acceptable alternative...
This is all we see of Amelia lately- her little butt. She has rolled over one way and she is bound and determined that she is going to do it the other way. Soon. Immediately.
This is a total How-Do-You-Do-It picture. I should carry it around with me for when people ask me "What do you do if they're both screaming at the same time?

Three out of the four Harmon girls. Colorsticks isn't usually interested in the babies but every now and then she gets a wild hair and decides to come check them out. Amelia is already learning to use the internet. She's smart like that.nagis to prevent RSV

Ok now about this awful doctor. The girls get a shot every month called Synagis to prevent RSV. This is not something that doctor's offices have in stock and its very expensive. The girls needed to have their next shot pretty soon after we got here as well as their regular 4-month shots and check-ups. So when Steve was in-processing on post, he got the list of pediatricians in the area that we could go to. This was before we finally got our internet so we couldn't do any research and had to pick one off the list. Their appointment was yesterday and Oh. My. God. I felt like I was taking my daughters to the free clinic in a bad part of town. The office was scary. The other patients in the waiting room were scary and the doctor? It was like talking to someone's old grandpa in the nursing home. You felt bad for him but he couldn't really hear anything and kept asking us to repeat everything. More than once. And he was screaming down the hallway at his nurse "MONO TEST IN ROOM FIVE!" That really happened.

Anyway. This doctor gave us this long, weird lecture about how we need to treat the twins differently because they're individuals and they need to be in different classes at school. Um. They're 4 months old. They don't go to school. They don't even go to daycare. Then, he proceeds to have a duck-fit because Amelia weighs 2 pounds more than Claire. She always has though and our other doctors said it was fine. You know, because they're individuals. Yeah. Also he asked me if they had separate placentas or not. That bothered me so much because fraternal twins ALWAYS have separate placentas. So this "doctor" obviously is not up on his medical stuff. Also he told us how "I start babies on rice cereal at 4 months old..." First of all, I'm pretty sure that I'm the one that feeds them. Secondly, the AAP recommends breastmilk or formula only until 6 months of age. I know people don't always stick to that but I feel like a pediatrician should at least toe the party-line.

Next it was time for shots. The nurse informs us that "Dr. Cohen is old school so we don't do combination shots." So my poor babies had to get 5 shots when they could have only gotten 3. I should have listened to my gut and bolted the minute we stepped into that office. It was AWFUL! We have an appointment at a new/different/hopefully better doctor's office tomorrow to see about getting their Synagis shots. Ugh. So disgusted... If you've ever been to a health department, this was way worse.


  1. Oh crap, that sounds terrible. :( I hope you find someone you guys like and trust!!

  2. EWWW!! Yeah, ditch that pediatrician pronto!!! Seriously. I think there must be a waiting period before new moms figure out that they really should listen to their gut - I'd have been right there with you!
    Love the pics of course - so great that you guys found a new friend already! And rolling over? Awesome!!! We haven't made it there yet...maybe if we would stop screaming bloody murder the second we are placed on our tummies - lol!
    Oh, and congrats on getting settled in the new place!!