Thursday, January 20, 2011

We moved! Successfully!

We managed to move ourselves (with some help! Thanks Dad, Ron, Chris and Jen!) and the girls were even good for the car ride. There were a few exciting minutes when I thought I was going to have to turn back halfway through the trip but it wasn't because of the babies. It was because of the parents. I left a few hours ahead of the moving truck (and the husband) because the girls were in their happy place and it was a now-or-never type situation. Anyway, halfway here I realized, I don't have the key to the new house! I managed to get in touch with our realtor who sent someone over to let me in so crisis averted! Anyway, we are in and settled. Steve isn't loving the commute but you can't have everything.

Life is going pretty well for us. Claire has had her first real hair-do. A whale spout-
and I have discovered that I can put bows on it too! So freaking cute! I want to eat her with a spoon! (Except that as I'm typing this I can hear her waking up from her nap and she's only been down for 20 minutes! Naughty!)  Ok, now that Claire is back to sleep... my jogging stroller came! Isn't it pretty?
It was much much much cheaper than the one I had my eyes on. I hope it's not a "you get what you pay for" kind of situation. It seems nice enough. I just need to inflate the wheels and we'll be ready to roll!

Ok, in other news, the girls are growing like weeds. They are both trying so so hard to roll over. I think they're not too far from figuring it out. Amelia is talking our ears off (hopefully we'll have some video up soon but our internet here is not the greatest) and Claire will talk to us when she can get a word in edgewise. I will distract you from the lack of videos by showing you pictures of my beautiful girls! As always, you can click on them to make them bigger.
Both smiling again! The girls' favorite thing to do right now is what we call "sister stuff." Really that just means laying on a blanket together and being silly.
Claire is still our little sweety. She is perfectly happy to just 'nuggle all the time. She likes to play too but she is pretty happy to lay on your chest and gaze at you and snuggle a lot. Especially if she is sleepy or just woke up. The new favorite toy around here is the jump-a-roo. The girls just love it. Although only for a limited time. I think it makes them tired. This isn't it-
This is the Jenny-Jump-Up. Which was NOT a hit. They are still too little for it. Haha but it did make for a funny picture. And the last picture is just typical-
Beating each other up already. Well, hopefully soon I will have pictures up of the new house. We are decorating the girls' bathroom and I think its going to be really cute. We are painting it light blue and I am having a ridiculously hard time deciding which shade of light blue is the right one.

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