I thought I would add a FAQ since people have so many questions about our girls. Without further ado:

1. Are they identical? No, they are very much NOT identical.
2. How do you tell them apart? To us, the girls look very different. There are a number of hints that we can give to help people tell them apart (Amelia is bigger, Claire has more hair, etc.) but we don't need those hints- they are different people and we can tell them apart as you would be able to tell any 2 sisters apart.
3. How much did they weigh when they were born? Amelia weighed 4 lbs 15 oz and Claire weighed 5lb 1 oz.
4. Are they both girls? Yep.
5. What do you do when they both scream at the same time? Usually I say "Hope they stop" but the real answer is more like- try to determine whose need is greater, take care of that one and give the other one a pacifier. Also, it is possible to feed both at once so sometimes I have to do that. And sometimes all they want is to snuggle with Mama so we do that. My lap is definitely big enough for my two loves. Plus, my girls are very sweet, they hardly ever scream.
6. Were they "natural?"/Did you use fertility drugs? I think you'll find this question is universally hated by parents of multiples. I don't think people actually realize that what they're asking is "How were your children conceived?" which is none of their business.