Thursday, August 19, 2010

31 weeks +2 days

We are all healthy but at least one of us is very uncomfortable! The doctor said that the babies look great and they are both head-down!!! Hopefully that will keep us out of c-section land but we'll see. I couldn't remember how much I weighed last time and I forgot to ask so I'm not sure how much weight I gained. Not much I don't think. The girls are getting big. They are gaining up to a half a pound per week at this point. Which makes for chunky babies! I'm hoping for 6 pounds each when they're born but that means carrying around 12 pounds of baby until then.

Today I went to the store after my doctor's appt. and a lady walking past me said "You look like you're ready to have that baby!" I just smiled and said "Any day now" and kept walking. White lies...

This is what I look like today. As my doctor says "You are 31 weeks with twins. That's very pregnant."


  1. You look great!! And yay for chunky girls!! 6 lbs a peice is a great goal! My goal has been 5lbs each all along, so anything on top of that is going to be icing on the cake! Did they tell you how much the babies weigh now?

  2. They didn't tell me how much they weigh right now but we're getting a growth scan in 2 weeks. 3 weeks ago they were hovering right around 3 pounds each. So if you figure half a pound per week, they should be around 4-4.5 pounds now.

  3. WOW! You really do look AWESOME! I'm loving the blog by the way, you rock. Can't wait to see how everything goes :) Praying it goes well, of course. So glad those heads are down, good start!

  4. Thanks for your comment on blog! I hear ya on the "any day now" :) as you know from my last post, the repetitive conversation is getting to me. I've resorted to really dark sunglasses so I can make less eye contact with people, lol.

    You look FANTASTIC!