Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Kill Me, Jen.

I was looking at some old photos (to remind myself that I used to be skinny and will be again) and came across a few worth sharing.

This is the day (almost 4 years ago) when Steve graduated from Basic Training. Isn't he the cutest soldier you've ever seen?

This is my sister-in-law, Jenny. She doesn't normally dress like this- I totally made her. She's going to kill me for putting this on here but she is one of my favorite people. She will dress up like this for you if you need to smile. She's a brand-new nurse and I hope her patients know how lucky they are!

Now for some new photos! More nursery photos actually. There are several I can't post yet because they show the girls' names but they're coming just as soon as the little angels are born.

This is the left-hand side of the nursery. I made the curtains and my mom helped re-cover the seat of the chair. It matches the middle fabric on the pillow.

This actually isn't in the nursery- its the hall right outside. My mom stitched these family-trees for the girls. I love that they have something special that they can keep forever. I was going to add a close-up picture but then I got paranoid that someone would use the info to steal my identity or something. So please don't do that!

Aside from all the growing and kicking, the girls aren't doing much right now. I told Steve that the pregnancy books used to say stuff like "This week, your baby is developing eyes" or "This week, your baby's heart has started to beat." Now they just say stuff like "This week your baby weighs a half pound more than last week." Woo. Hoo. I mean, I'm glad they're growing, there's just nothing to report. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm sure everything is just fine but its always nice to get a good report.


  1. I love the nursery!! Such fun vibrant colors!! I love that you are keeping the names a secret, I just can't wait for them to be revealed!
    And LOL @ the weekly updates - I totally agree - they used to be cool stuff, and now it's literally your baby is X inches longer and X ounces bigger than last week. BORING! Glad they are growing, but one would think there's still cool stuff going on in there=).
    Did you do an updated belly shot this week?

  2. Good work Uncle Jeremy. We'll see if you'll be a kick-ass uncle or not...

  3. Wow! The nursery looks wonderful! Love it!