Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yet Another Doctor's Visit

Today I had yet another doctor's visit. I am getting really tired of making that drive. It was just a quick check-up today-
weight- up 2 pounds
blood pressure- 120/70- awesome
temperature- perfect
heartbeats- great
belly- size of someone 36 weeks pregnant with one baby

The doctor said that he read the report from the MFM doc last week and that everything looked awesome. He said that its really rare to see someone pregnant with twins that is doing this well. Actually he said I was "an A+ patient." In saying that, he also said "watch, now that I've said it, I've jinxed you." I still only have to go every two weeks for a bit longer.

We also went and took a tour of the L&D while we were at the hospital. It is really quite nice. All of the rooms have a shower and a separate whirlpool tub (!!!) and the rooms are huge. I don't know how much this actually effects us because I was told that since I'm having twins I have to deliver in an OR. They wouldn't actually let us see an OR (I guess we weren't clean enough LOL) but we were able to see the hallway where they are. I think they only have 2 ORs and there probably isn't much to see.

Tomorrow Steve and I are going to Georgia to visit our next duty station. He's supposed to be going for a class activity but its really for aviators so he doesn't have anything to do while he's there. So we are hoping to be able to check out the housing and get reacquainted with the community. Its been awhile since we've been there.

And then on Saturday, the thing I'm most excited about- the BABY SHOWER! Yay! I can't wait to see what Joanie et al. have in store for us. I'm excited to see some old friends and relatives that I haven't seen in awhile. Plus (dear to a pregnant woman's heart)- food! Can't. Wait.


  1. I had a picture perfect pregnancy too. Boy I wasn't a fan of being pregnant though...all that waiting, and well, its just hard to carry multiples. :) Your doing awesome, keep it up and have fun at your shower!!

  2. Awesome update!! How far along are you now? YAY for being an A+ patient!! I sure hope he didn't jinx you!! Is he doing ultrasounds every time you go in? You look absolutely fabulous=).
    Oh, and WOO HOO for the baby shower! I too was most excited about the food that would be at said shower. . .it must be a pregnant chick thing! HA! And I'm glad I'm not the only one having issues finding clothes to wear! It wouldn't be such a big deal, but I have to have be in business attire at work, so I feel like I have to have two separate wardrobes. I can't just have jeans and t-shirts every day. =). If you figure out a way to fix the wardrobe issue you let me know!

  3. Megan- I'm lucky to not be working so I can hang out in my husband's t-shirts all day if I want to. Although I don't because it makes me feel fat. I'm allllllmost 30 weeks. I don't get an ultrasound every time anymore because I go so often. Basically just one a month. What do you get?

    Christina- you're right- the waiting is the hard part! But I just keep thinking- the longer I wait, the healthier they'll be. Although that doesn't help when I can't roll over at night.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! i hope your baby shower was great (i'm sure it was) and yay for an A+ twin pregnancy. i've been about the same too, no major worries and these babies just keep growing like they're supposed to. it's amazing - i look forward to following your blog and seeing how the rest of the pregnancy goes.