Saturday, July 24, 2010

The cutest crib skirt you've ever seen. In your life.

I made this a few days ago and it felt like it took FOREVER! Mostly that involved cutting ribbon and tulle. Thankfully I bought the tulle on a roll (like for weddings) and so I only had to cut it to the appropriate length- not the width too.  If its hard to see- it looks like a tutu!

The light in there was kind of bright so its not actually as neon as it looks. I had been wanting to make a crib skirt for the cribs but nothing was really inspiring me. The one that came with the bedding set was really plain (plus it was $40 which I thought was a bit much) and I wanted to do something fun and cute so this is what I finally came up with. I did lots of searching on the 'net before I finally decided on the tutu skirt and I think this might be an original. Apparently tutus are really popular for little girls (for what? I don't know. Dress-up I guess) and I wanted it to have some color so I added the ribbons.

Tomorrow we are having a (birthday) party so poor Steve is at the store shopping for supplies.  I feel bad for him- he's on shopping duty on top of everything else for the next 10 or so weeks. Although, I hate going to the grocery store so I'm glad to get out of it. Mostly though it stinks not being able to do things for yourself. I feel so bad because I'm at home all of the time and Steve has to go to work every day and then still come home and do housework and take care of me. Its hard losing your independence even if its only for a few months. I can only imagine that it would be so much worse if I was on bedrest. At least I'm allowed to cook if I feel like I can. Or whatever.


  1. Why yes, that IS the cutest crib skirt I've ever seen! It is just adorable and love the bedding as well. Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I love the skirt! What great colors.You are going to be the Martha Stewart mom that I always wanted to be!!!

  3. Stopping by from M&M today. That IS an adorable crib skirt! I've seen TuTus like that! Cute bedding, also!