Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doctor visit

I had (another) doctor's appointment today. I'm at 26 weeks +2 days and everything is right on track. The babies and I are very healthy and the best news (!!!) both babies are head-down! Now if they will just PLEASE stay that way... The doctor said that my belly is measuring as though I was 34 weeks pregnant instead of 26. That's what twins will do to you... Both girls are growing and happily, they are growing at the same speed. All in all a very good checkup. Two weeks from now I have another appointment with the maternal-fetal specialist and the week after that, another checkup with the regular doctor. Add in childbirth classes and visits with the doula and the hospital tour and the breastfeeding class and I feel very busy! I can't wait for the girls to get here!

In other news, Steve is in New Orleans today and tomorrow. His whole class had to go because they're studying a battle that took place there or something.

After my doctor's appointment today I went shopping. I got 4 little board books at Target for $1 each- which is a bargain. Those are usually $5-6. I also got a dress to wear to the baby shower and came to the realization that I am no longer cute-pregnant. I look like a cow now. And dresses really don't help. They make you look so much worse. But I was able to find one for the shower without too much trouble. While I was in Motherhood, I ran into Jamie that lived across the street at the old house. It was good to see her and catch up and let her know where we moved to. She actually is 34 weeks pregnant and I think she might be smaller than me. Not that its a contest or anything. Jamie was a bad influence on me- she had just come from Gymboree and so I decided to go in there and see what they had. I ended up getting two little sleep-and-plays with pink giraffes on them in preemie size. They were on sale so I didn't feel too guilty and I love when I can find two outfits that are similar without being the exact same. They are so adorable and tiny but at the same time, I can't imagine that I have TWO of those in me! Oh boy...

Also while I was shopping today, I was accosted by the old lady who was running the Olan Mills booth in the middle of the mall. She kept telling me how big I was and how I must be due soon. So just to mess with her I told her I wasn't due until October but I didn't tell her it was twins. I thought it was pretty funny until it backfired on me! When I was leaving, she stopped me AGAIN (the gall on this lady...) and made her friend come over and look at me so that they could BOTH tell me that I was too huge to be delivering in October. Wow. Don't people know the only thing you are supposed to say to a pregnant woman is "You look great."

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  1. Oh I live gymboree! It's a dangerous store! Ad I love random strangers that think because you are pregnant it's okayto tell you how huge you are (and go on an on about it!) glad both girls are cooperating and growing well!