Wednesday, November 17, 2010


November is Prematurity Awareness Month.
We were really lucky. Our girls were born at 34 weeks and 1 day. That's about 6 weeks early but for twins 34 weeks is pretty good. All the nurses in the Special Care Nursery kept telling us how good it was to make it 34 weeks. The girls lungs were mature when they were born. They were in the SCN for 8 days as Feeders and Growers. The doctors just wanted to make sure they were growing well and they had not one setback. We were really lucky.
When our girls were in the NICU/SCN we received a LOT of gifts from volunteers. These ladies make hats and blankets and clothes and things for the tiny babies. We must have gotten 10 or 12 things for our girls. As special as those things were to us, I can only imagine how much they would mean to someone whose babies didn't have such a good outcome.

If you are thinking about doing something charitable for Thanksgiving or Christmas, please think about the families that are spending the holidays at the hospital wondering if or when their babies can come home. If you can't do something for them, maybe you could make a small donation to the March of Dimes. Now I'm going to go kiss my two growing preemies!


  1. Your sweet girls are so precious! They did so well for 34 weekers! We were exactly a week behind ya at 33 weeks/1 day :) I can't wait to watch them grow up into little ladies!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog! I love little girls' clothes! I LOVE to buy used on ebay because you can get things that aren't currently on the shelves, and most of the stuff I buy is very cheap! I'm not too fond of running into other kids wearing the same outfits as my girls!! Haha! I also love Marshalls, Ross, and TJMaxx for kids clothes!

  2. Brilliant idea! We got the cutest hats and such while we were in the NICU, and they sent home blankets with us that volunteers had made. I feel exactly the same way - it was really nice to get those things - but I can only imagine how much more those things would mean for those mommies and daddies with babies that had been in the NICU for weeks or months instead of just 8 days. (We were in for 8 days too - I must have missed that in your previous posts!). So glad your little ladies are doing well!!