Thursday, November 4, 2010


The last few weeks we have had several "firsts." Claire had her first mohawk-
Ok, so she doesn't really like it very much. The girls also got to meet their Uncle Jeremy (and his girlfriend Jessica) for the first time.
Claire didn't like that either. That girl... Amelia and Claire had their first shots last week. They get a shot to help prevent RSV which is a very dangerous respiratory infection that preemies are especially susceptible to. Claire took her shot pretty well. She wasn't a big fan but Daddy comforted her and she got over it pretty fast. Amelia, on the other hand, acted like we were killing her.

See her sad little boo-boo? We are going to be traveling this weekend. The girls only have one cousin and its his first birthday. Happy Birthday Leighton!!!


  1. awww. i hate when our babies have to get shots! love the pics- the girls are precious!

  2. Very cute photos. I love the mohawk!

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