Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your mind will trick you!

Steve and I were watching videos today that we took around the time of the girls birth. And can I just say Holy Cow! I had already forgotten how huge I was. This picture was taken 2 weeks before the girls were born-
It is completely irrational for anyone to go around looking like that! Plus two more weeks of growth. There's a reason I stopped leaving the house. I also thought that my stomach shrank a lot faster than it apparently did. Those videos were amazing though. Its incredible how much our two little girls have grown in (almost) 11 weeks. Here they are looking so sweet in their Christmas pajamas-
Claire always wants to check out what Amelia is doing. Our last Show and Tell photo for today has all of the girls in our family in the bed together. Often by morning we have at least one baby in the bed with us but 3 was a little much!
Sometimes you just have to laugh to yourself. Steve is playing Xbox online and every time I upload a picture I hear "I don't know what's wrong. All of a sudden my internet is lagging. I don't know why it won't work. No! I died!" Hahahahahaha Yes, our internet sucks but that is funny. I'll never tell. Um... I don't think he reads my blog.


  1. I most definitely agree - it's nuts for anyone to walk around like that - and it's amazing how quickly you forget how big your tummy really was! I'm bummed because I have a feeling I will never get back to my pre-pregnancy size or weight and I feel like I am losing weight so slowly!
    Where did you find Christmas PJ's? We absolutely need to get some for the girlies! Oh, and my hubby is an Xbox online guy too, and our internet does the same thing. I literally laughed out loud when I read that! Good times! Hehe =).

  2. Megan- we got their jammies at The Children's Place. I also got one of their Christmas dresses there. Yes, they have more than one. My mom is making them dresses too.

  3. Your girls are so precious! I love seeing new pictures of them! :-)

  4. Oh, you guys are sooooo cute!! :)