Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend we had Steve's family here for a visit. They all came in shifts- first Pam on Friday afternoon and then Friday night Chris, Val, Leighton and Jen arrived. Saturday afternoon, Ron and Emily joined us to complete the set. The house was packed but no one had to sleep on the floor and everyone got to see our new house!

I absolutely love our new house and I'm happy to say that it does NOT look like we moved in a week ago. Steve and Ron along with my parents were such good movers. We have pictures on the walls and although not everything has a permanent home, we're getting there! And thankfully, we finally have internet!

While the Harmons were here, we went to the pool, had a Thanksgiving-in-July, played Guitar Hero and Apples to Apples and just hung out. Sunday afternoon I had a little bit of trouble- my heart started racing and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Luckily I had (almost) two nurses in the house. Pam took my blood pressure and my pulse and helped me lay down for a little while. I think she would have preferred to take me to the hospital but we eventually decided I was fine. I just don't have as much breathing room as I'm used to.

We have started to call the twins "The Octopus" because of the crazy way they squirm around in my belly. Its good though because it means they are growing but I feel like I'm running out of room for them. Just to prove it- I'm posting a photo of myself. This is me this past Wednesday- 25 weeks and one day pregnant.

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  1. You are looking great!! Welcome to the world of blogging!