Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend, Steve and I *suddenly* realized that the babies will be here in somewhere between 6 and 10 or 11 weeks. That's not very much time! To that end, I've been online-shopping and working on some projects to get ready. Saturday night we set up one of the cribs. This one is going in the babies' room- the other one will be in our room but we're not setting it up quite yet.
Steve wasn't real excited about me taking pictures of him working- apparently the screws and the other parts didn't want to stay together and it was frustrating. I just look at it as now he has experience for the next one. The crib is super-cute though as you can see. Just needs a crib-skirt and I have to make those yet. And the curtains. Busy busy. For my next project, I decided that the dresser and the desk/changing table needed more girly hardware. They were just plain metal handles which have been spray-painted pink now! I don't have a before picture.

I don't know how well you can really tell but the handles match the bedding perfectly. And for our last project, I had this plain black shelf that we've had forever and never really used. I'm not even sure where it came from.
Anyway, it is now a cute green shelf (its not as mint-green as it looks in the picture. More of a pistachio).

And now, because this post doesn't have enough pictures already, I will entertain you with my rapidly-expanding belly... Here I am 5 weeks ago at 21 weeks-

And last week at 26 weeks-

And yet somehow, I keep thinking I can't get any bigger. But I do. Steve says it looks like I'm pretending, like I've got a pillow or something underneath my shirt.

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