Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still catching up

I decided to split the catching up post into sections. I was afraid my crappy internet would go and I'd lose everything I'd done.
This is a pretty common sight at our house. The girls love to play together so we often put their play things together so they can chat and smile at each other while they play. Its so cute!
Ok ignore the dorkiness and the fact that I'm all sweaty. This is the pouch that I made. The girls love to ride around in it. I guess because usually when they are in it, we're at the store so it means one of them doesn't have to ride in the stroller. They love it and we get so many compliments.
Steve's grandpa passed away a few weeks ago and so we were in Birmingham for the funeral. Steve was able to do the military honors which I think his family really _____. Enjoyed is the wrong word. Appreciated? Maybe. His grandma and grandpa were married for 67 years! A lot of people don't even live that long. That's pretty amazing.

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