Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Cutest Family

 These are my friends Andy and Rheanna and their little boy Brandt. They also have a doggy, Dixie, but she's not in the picture! Poor Dixie. Andy and Rheanna just celebrated their second anniversary of being a family of 3 and they are about to celebrate their 3rd Christmas with Brandt in their lives. They are the BEST parents (seriously, I want them to adopt me!)  but there was a time when they weren't sure whether or when they would ever be parents. And then they got a call. The Call. A baby was on the way! 
Brandt came to their family through the miracle of adoption. That little cherub had a birth family that loved him so much that they knew they couldn't take care of him in the way that he needed. They loved him enough to let him go. And how could it have worked out better? A baby who needed a family and a family who needed a baby. They only found out a week before Brandt was born that he was on the way and I don't know that Andy and Rheanna have stopped smiling since. They are super-close to Brandt's birthmom. She is even planning to visit them this summer and I know they call and skype a lot. I have been touched so many times when I have heard Rheanna talk about Brandt's birthmom. I think it would be easy to feel so jealous of your child's love and not want him to love anyone but you. But they don't see it that way. I could go on and on but that's not why I'm writing this-

Andy and Rheanna are looking to adopt again! They are open to any child. They have so much love to share and they want to be parents again. I'm having a hard time believing anyone wants to go back to the newborn stage (ask me when they're sleeping through the night...) but they do. Brandt is ready to be a big brother and Dixie is ready to have someone else to lick. Anyway, you never know how these things happen. It could be a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend whose cousin is pregnant and doesn't know what to do. All I ask is- if you know someone who is considering adoption for their child, mention Andy and Rheanna to them. It would mean the world to them and who knows what could happen? As a mom myself, I wish every child could have parents that loved them so much and I wish every child was wanted. They have an adoption profile here along with more pictures! Seriously, they do more fun stuff in a week than we do all year. This was way longer than I intended but they are good friends and good people and wonderful parents. Maybe they'll get a Christmas Miracle.

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