Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas was here

Ok, let's act like Claire doesn't look like she just saw a giant spider. I think this is a pretty cute picture actually. Both girls will now smile "on command" (ie if you are doing something smile-worthy AND they feel like it) but I can never get them to do it at the same time. Steve's grandma gave the girls these "baby's first Christmas" outfits.

Christmas was... okay. Not great. There was far too much running around and familial obligations for it to really be enjoyable. Everyone insists on seeing the babies but no one wants to come to us. Now, to anyone reading this, that isn't directed at you, it just is what it is. Traveling 4 hours each way with two infants who don't like their car seats is no one's idea of fun. So next year, people are invited to come to us but we are staying home. It was also bad because the girls didn't sleep in their own beds for 2 nights which I don't like. They actually did really well one night- they both slept until 3 am.  But I still like for them to sleep at home in their own beds. By the time we finally made it home, the poor little angels were absolutely exhausted. Amelia cried so hard in the car the last half hour, I thought she was going to pass out. We had to pull over twice to calm her down so we could make it home.

I managed to get a cold while we were gone and I think I've passed it to Steve. On Sunday, we were all supposed to go to my grandmother's house but since I was sick I couldn't go. Steve took the girls, which I thought was brave because our WHOLE extended family was there. I think they had a good time. The girls got TONS of presents- I don't know where we're going to put them all. We so much appreciate everyone who thought of them and us. It was just an overwhelming whirlwind of a weekend.

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  1. They are PRECIOUS! Hang in there... in my opinion, traveling just gets easier and easier as they get older! (Especially when they can watch Dora in the car! My girls want in the car even when we're not going anywhere!)