Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bob

I really REALLY want one of these strollers. We have a double stroller now-
but see those teeny tiny wheels? They don't do so good off-road. And the girls are going to grow out of it in a year or so anyway. So I really want the Bob. With its nice swively front wheel. And those big tires that can go over gravel, or rough pavement or grass... If only I could see spending over $500 on a stroller. Maybe I can get one used. I still have several months before the girls could actually use a stroller like that.

That picture of me with our stroller was taken the ONE week that I was cutely pregnant. Right before I ballooned!


  1. You were beautifully pregnant the entire time! I love our stroller. It's similar to that but only made for one. I hope you can get the stroller you want.

  2. Yes. I agree that the BOB stroller is to die for. I have twins and if I could do it over again...I'd sell everything in my house to get it :) However - over 500 does seem crazy for a stroller. I'm a friend of Alicia's and she told me about your blog today. I enjoyed reading about your journey so far with your beautiful girls. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in this crazy road of being a twin mom!

  3. Just some unwanted advice: The BoB is amazing if you're a runner. It's truly a sweet little ride. I know two MoMs who have one. However, a lot depends on your mothering style. My babies are almost 14 months and I hardly use a stroller. Only one of them is walking well, but no well enough to hold my hand and get where we need to go. I usually wrap one in a carrier and carry the other to go into church or buildings or up to the playground or into the doctors. I do most grocery shopping and errands on the weekend with hubby and then we use an Instep Safari Double but we could just as easily use two singles. Honestly, for me, it takes 5-7 minutes to get them unstrapped and restrapped into a stroller and I find that inconvenient. But I also love to let my girls explore. So I just thought I would toss that out there: you might not really need a fancy double after they outgrow the DSaG :) (Your girls are precious. Enjoy the sleep deprived days.. they pass so quickly!)