Friday, October 8, 2010

Lots of Photos!

Last week, the girls got their first tub baths. As you can see, we cheated a little about Claire's umbilical cord. It was just hanging by a thread so I figured it was fine to go ahead and give her a bath. She kind of looks like she doesn't trust me but both girls actually like getting baths so far. They just don't like it when you get them out. I guess it makes them cold.
Amelia doesn't seem to mind her dad giving her a bath. She's a sweet baby. After their baths, we let the girls relax on one of the quilts that my mom made them.
As you can see, there's not much the girls have that's not pink. While we were in Birmingham last weekend, the girls got to meet their big cousin Leighton. He is their only cousin for now.
Leighton very sweetly petted Claire's hair. Otherwise he pretty much ignored them. He's not quite 11 months old yet so he's not too interested in babies. He still is one! This week the girls have had a little bit of tummy time. Amelia went first-
Both girls' neck muscles are getting a lot stronger- they like to pick up their heads and move them around to look at things.

Today we took the girls to the Botanical Gardens to celebrate their one month birthday. They, of course, slept through the whole thing but we had fun. Whenever we go anywhere with both babies, its like being a celebrity. People always want to talk to us, follow us around and ask us questions. I have renewed respect for people who are hounded by the paparazzi. I mean, they bring it on themselves in a way but still... Today at the Gardens, one of the workers drove by in her golf cart and spoke to us. Then 15 minutes later she was back with her daughter to show her the cute twins. And they are cute! The other thing about having twins is that everyone wants to start pulling twins out of their family tree to tell you about. "My great-aunt Ethel's son's girl Shelley has twins!" And I never know what to say to that because I don't care. I usually go with "Oh that's nice..." and try to keep moving. I'm thinking of getting a shirt that says-
Yes, they are twins.
Yes, they're both girls.
They're one month old.
They weigh about 6 pounds each.
Thank you for your interest. I'm trying to enjoy some time out with my family. If you are interested in twins and what that's like, please ask your great-aunt Ethel about her granddaughter's twins. Thanks!

Its not that I think people are really trying to be bothersome or anything like that, it just gets tiring. Anyway, at the Gardens today, they were having an exhibit (for lack of a better word). People and businesses in the community could put up "scarecrows" for Halloween and some of them were pretty funny. Here are some of my favorites.
The Head Chef
Lady Gaga
Not really sure what this is...
Claire enjoying the ride.

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