Sunday, September 11, 2011

We had a birthday!!!

The girls had their birthday on Thursday and their party on Saturday! Here is a picture from their actual birthday:
Claire actually ate some of her cupcake but Amelia mostly just crushed hers. Their party was so much fun and we had SO many people at our house. We really enjoyed it and the girls did great. I was a little worried about them being overwhelmed and Amelia was a little bit but they both did really well.
Claire with Daddy in her party dress

Amelia with Daddy in her party dress
Sweet family picture
We only got two pictures of the cake and this is the only one before it got eaten. It was black and white and pink and spells ONE. Next year, I am definitely buying the cake.
This is the only other picture of the cake. As you can see, we did big cupcakes for the girls' "smash cakes." Unfortunately I kind of forgot about them so we just let the girls have them after everyone left.
All the kids at the party LOVED the swings. They were very very popular. Amelia got upset at one point because she wanted to swing but they were full.
The birthday banner that I made.

Present table before everyone got there.
Steve made this picnic table for the girls for their birthday. Its sooo cute- totally looks like Pottery Barn Kids.
Decorated water bottles
The girlies enjoying their birthday present from Daddy!
Opening presents

Amelia only smashed her cake and didn't eat any
You can't see the party hats well but they were CUTE!
Claire kept trying to pick up the whole cake and put it in her mouth.
I just can't say enough what a wonderful party we had! And it was a great day all around because we got to welcome our new nephew, Thomas Cash. We haven't been able to see Tommy yet but we will next weekend. So excited!

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  1. Awe!! It looks awesome!! LOL@ their massive cupcakes!
    I LOVE the family picture, and their dresses are so cute! You look AMAZING momma!
    I think the cake was awesome! What a wonderful idea to make the ONE in letters! What a thought! And can I ask where you got your party supplies? I can see the flags on the highchairs and party hats are nice material...I keep checking around here and it's all cheap plastic or paper (that they charge an arm and a leg for). The party looks amazing, and the girls look so happy! Way to go momma!