Monday, May 2, 2011

A Plethora of Pictures

Last week when we were in Birmingham, the girls got to play with some new toys. Their cousin Leighton has a ball pit and they thought it was great. Or their dad did. Not sure which...
Claire and Amelia really enjoyed spending some time with their Paw-Paw. Once they warmed up to him. They are in a no-strangers mode right now. Luckily it doesn't take them too long to decide you're not a stranger. Little sweet peas!
I like to include these little "how do you do it" pictures from time to time. Mostly because people have NO idea how anyone with twins operates. They can't believe I can shower. Every day even! (I know, right?) This is our set-up. I put the girls in their bouncy seats and they kick each other and talk to each other and sometimes I sing to them. They love it and so do I! Sometimes I peek over the top of the shower door at them to see what they are doing and they are always smiling. Once they start crawling, I'm planning to baby-proof the crap out of the bathroom and close them in with me. Then we'll have a basket of toys that is just for shower time. I love hearing moms of one baby say they "just can't find the time" to shower. I will admit to being pretty judgmental of moms of singletons who can't get it together.
My mom made these balls for the girls and they love to play with them. I like them because they're soft so when they are flinging them around, no one gets hurt. Several times I have had to take toys away from Amelia because she is flinging them around so hard that she hits herself in the head.
See how Amelia's dress is kind of see-through? Its because she slobbers. All. The. Time. It is so bad that we have to change her clothes several times a day. Poor little thing. We found out earlier this week that she has eczema and I don't think the constant drooling is helping her any.
If you couldn't tell from previous pictures, we're unassisted sitters now! Yay girls! It is amazing how they can't do something and then they can kind-of do it and then WHAM! All of a sudden, they are just perfect at it. They are sitting up for so long and so well now! They hardly ever fall down.
Now that they are sitting up, Amelia and Claire always want to sit forward. I am constantly saying "lean back, lean back" when I'm feeding them. A funny story- Last week while I was feeding the girls breakfast, Claire was bent in half chewing on the leg divider. I would call her name and she would sit up for her bite. After the third time this happened, Claire actually sighed and sat up and looked at me like "Mom, can't you see I'm busy here?" So big.
My two wild children and Claire with wild hair! We got these outfits at Target. Unfortunately they shrunk a LOT when I washed them so I'm going to see if they'll take them back.
Amelia said we needed a close-up of her.
Big hirls in the tub. They love getting to sit up in the tub. I still think their favorite thing is getting to be Princess Towelly when they get out though. They love to wrap up in their big fluffy towels. They also love...
Their bathrobes! My friend Joanie got these for the girls when I was pregnant and they are finally fitting. They are so precious with their wet hair and robes!

Overall I think the girls are doing so great. Their doctor says you would never know they were preemies. Amelia weighed in at 20 pounds last week at the doctor and Claire was 17 pounds last month when she went. She may be up to 18 by now. They have gotten so heavy in their car seats that I have just started leaving the seats in the car all the time. It doesn't do much good to have a carrier if you can't lift the thing! The only time I take the seats out of the car is to put them in the stroller. Because that's still the easiest way for us to get out and about right now. I'm seeing another stroller in our future... We already have 3!

The girls are a little mood-swingy at times. I don't know if they are starting to teethe again or if its "I want to communicate but I'm a baby so I can't and I'm frustrated about it!" Also something new that has started is that the girls are fighting their naps now. They used to go down so peacefully and now they are just screaming. I don't know what has suddenly changed.


  1. Haha, I love that comment-How do they not get it together right? ;)
    Miss Abby used to look just like that from all her slobber!
    What time are they going to bed now? Are they napping good still?
    I can't believe how big they are, such cuties!

  2. Great nappers lately and they go to bed around 7:00. I think its just some kind of phase.

  3. This all sounds SO familiar (except the twins part).

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on Amber's blog! It meant alot!

    Your girls are so flippin cute! Their eyes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures. I actually saw them the day you posted them, but didn't get the chance to comment.