Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothering/Mother's Day

This is my mothering slogan. When things get tough around here I say it to myself about 10 times in a row. Because at this age, they don't know the difference. They don't know they are being bad. They're not trying to test me. But they will know if I'm a mean mommy. And I don't want to be a mean mommy. And I don't think it would do any good even if I was. I am trying to enjoy my babies instead of just survive them. And we are at a tough stage for enjoying. But there are lots of good, sweet, precious moments in every day. From this morning-
From her pictures, you would never know that Amelia is my fussy baby. I think they're both teething again but poor little Amelia just has a harder time dealing with it. Plus she still has her neck rash. And her eczema. Poor little angel.
The girls gave me a rocking ottoman for their room for Mother's Day. They said they wanted me to be able to put my feet up when I read them stories and sing them songs. The ottoman in the background was our old one. I didn't match our chair and it didn't rock. The new one is so much nicer!
They also gave me this necklace for Mother's Day. They said they wanted me to be able to remember them no matter where I went. I just love it. So far I have been able to wear it but Amelia is VERY interested in it. Claire plays with it a little but she doesn't care as much.
We really had a wonderful day yesterday. The girls got to go for a wagon ride and Daddy took them for a jog in the stroller too. Then we sat outside and blew bubbles and watched the animals. It was really a very nice day. We were supposed to interview a babysitter but she flaked out on us. Oh well...

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