Thursday, April 7, 2011

Status Updates

Lately, thoughts about my life have been coming to me in the form of status updates. These would be:

Stephanie is going to blow her brains out if the two cutest girls ever don't stop screaming.
Stephanie can't find the bottles. Oh. They're in her hand.
Stephanie is losing her mind. Because of All. The. Screaming.
Stephanie is running away from home.
Stephanie would like to have just a little time to herself.
Stephanie loves that her girls love bananas.
Stephanie LOVES the fact that Claire just gave her daddy a hug when he walked in the door.
Stephanie wonders where her hug is.
Stephanie thinks it is SO cute the way her girls laugh at each other. No idea what they're laughing about.
Stephanie can tell you- there is an extra step to changing poopy diapers with twins- you have to keep the clean twin's feet out of her sister's poop. Its like a freaking magnet.

Really there's a lot of poop related ones... Sigh. Lately I have been wondering where my sweet babies have gone. I think probably its just the teeth and the fact that they are in some kind of transition. They are going from little babies to big babies and I think its hard for them. But Oh. My. God. Its hard for me too. It is really really hard to be around 2 screaming people all day. Who barely nap. We are talking 1.5 hours split into 3 sessions. And I can't keep them up any longer than that because Holy Screaming. Its just a phase. Its just a phase. Its just a phase...

This may be the whiniest post every. But I'm just SO tired. I just really want someone to give me a break. But I have no one. Anyone I could consider leaving them with lives 3 hours away. And I don't know anyone here. And we have no babysitter. Not even a teenager who can play with the girls so I can clean a bathroom. And I can't even get my laundry folded. And for some reason, my husband thinks we don't need a cleaning person...? I'm just so overwhelmed. And tired. Sigh. This too shall pass...


  1. {{HUGS}}, it will get better I promise! Take care!

  2. Oh Stephanie! I feel you woman!! I am so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed and like you have no one you can turn to. That just stinks!
    Where do you live? In the country? Could you post on craigslist or something that you are looking for a sitter (even if it was only for one time for an hour or two)? What about a multiples club? You could swap babysitting times with another MoM so you each could get a break. . .or a church? Do you belong to a church, or would you consider joining one? They are filled with people who love to help!
    I hear you on the crying - the girls have been doing A LOT of crying the last couple of weeks. It's teeth,and growing, and I know that, but it is SO exhausting! And they refuse to be put down, they want to be constantly held. . .and I can't get anything done either. Luckily (in this sense) I do work outside the home, so on the days that I work I at least get a break from the screaming and such while I go and deal with adults for a while.
    You are right, this too shall pass. But in the meantime, you need a little you time. Your hubby needs to watch the girls for a night so you can go somewhere and do something. You two should try trading off weekend nights so one night/morning you get up early with the babies, and the next night/morning he gets up early with the babies so you can sleep. We are going to try that. I'm so tired! And I'm so tired of being tired!! Hang in there woman! You CAN do it! And you are doing such and AWESOME job with your two little princesses!!! ((HUGS))

  3. Would you believe there is no multiples club here? And its not as though I have the time or the energy to start one...

    We actually do the trading off of the sleeping in on the weekends which is nice. The girls are usually really good sleepers (with the obvious exception of tonight- I swear they are trying to make me miserable today) so I'm not sleepy. I'm emotionally tired. Exhausted. Steve keeps the girls usually on Saturday mornings so I can run a few errands. But its not like anyone would call picking up formula and diapers exciting. But I just feel like I need an entire day without anyone around. The thing is, I would like to be at home. But with no one else there. Which is not really feasible. Oh well...

  4. Yea, it will pass! Teeth coming in can just cause misery! I wish you had some help, and I know you don't know me but just because I know how your feeling I would help in a heartbeat! Hang in there, this too, shall pass!! Promise. =)

  5. Not sure if it will make you feel any better, but my girls are 26 months and I still say that 6-8 months were the hardest months BY FAR! They are very needy and dependent at that age, but TRUST ME, it gets so much easier! Crawling will bring less stress to the little ones and walking is even better! Hang in there!! I wish you could get some relief every now and then :(