Monday, April 11, 2011

Some things change, some things stay the same

Thanks to Daddy, the girls have a new favorite activity. They love to play in our bed. Usually when he gets home from work, Steve will take the girls to our bed for some silliness and then take turns flying them around the room. I must say, they LOVE it.
So cute. Claire has another new tooth. That makes 2 for her and none for Amelia though I'm sure she'll catch up soon.
If you can't tell- that's Claire's teeth. The one on the right is just barely showing through.

Lately I have been wondering about Amelia's eyes. We have always assumed they were going to change to brown. You know how babies have those dark grayish blue eyes? Hers are like that while Claire's changed fairly early to a light (beautiful!) crystal blue. I think this picture shows it pretty well-
(If you click on it, you can see it better). Anyway, now that she is 7 months old, I'm wondering if her eyes are going to change at all. We met a kid at the doctor's office the other day who is 4 months old and already has brown eyes. So I'm curious to see what they do.
Claire was playing outside and came to visit Mommy at the kitchen window. What a cutie.
Amelia was playing outside too! Steve loves to take the girls outside to be "yard kids." And they LOVE to go outside. Mostly they just lay on the blankets and look at the trees and feel the wind on their faces. Its very sweet. My girls are little outside babies.
Amelia gets a little bed-head when she wakes up. Its so cute. Her little hairs stick up in the back. Poor little Amelia has a yeast infection under her neck right now. She's been drooling so much lately that her neck always stays wet and its turned into an infection. Poor little baby. And I have stuff to rub on it but she HATES it. It makes me feel so bad!

Over all, the girlies are doing well. I just can't believe my little Lady Bugs are 7 months old. They are so big. Every day, we just look at them and say "I can't believe how big they are." At their 6 month check-up, Amelia weighed almost 19 pounds and Claire was almost 17. They are eating breakfast and dinner every day and sometimes a snack around lunchtime. They LOVE to eat crackers and they can do it all by themselves. Although when they drop them, they need you to put it back in their hands. The haven't learned the "pincer grasp" yet so they can't eat little cheerios and things but they'll be there soon. Claire is sitting up by herself a little bit and Amelia is trying so hard to crawl. I just want them to slow down but at the same time, its so fun to see them grow and learn new things.

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  1. Landon and i have been working on standing. He hasn't quite figured out crawling though.