Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beyonce Beyonce

No that's not what I'm naming my daughters!

I am so incredibly naive when it comes to song lyrics. Just now, a friend was saying (on Facebook) how she's making her last trip to Texas as a single lady and so I was commenting back with lyrics from that Beyonce song "All the Single Ladies." Anyway, I needed to look up the lyrics online to make sure I got them right, didn't want to embarrass myself. And I had them SO wrong. And that happens to me ALL the time.

At least usually though I know I don't have the lyrics quite right. But I have been singing along to Single Ladies for what? Over a year now? Wrong the whole time.

In other news, I colored my own hair today. Its the kind where you do the all-over color and then go back and add the highlights. I think it looks really good except that on one of the highlights, I didn't get the stuff close enough to the roots so it looks a little weird. I'm hoping it looks more normal tomorrow after I wash it.  I live an exciting life.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a check-up and a growth ultrasound. We'll see how much these little girls weigh and make sure they're growing like they should be. So tune in tomorrow for all that info. Also for my 33 week picture. Couldn't take one today because of the afore-mentioned unwashed hair.

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