Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 months old (tomorrow)

I can't believe my babies are going to be 9 months old tomorrow. I am in awe of the many many ways they have changed in such a short time. For example:
  •  Amelia- she has ended her (sadly unrequited) love affair with the ceiling fan and moved on. Yes, she's fickle, but this time she has turned her attentions to the DVD player, with whom she has more in common. Namely, that they both spend their days 6 inches off the floor. 
  • Claire has 4 teeth now and she will bite you with them without you even asking. What a generous little soul! Also, 20 minutes is apparently a great afternoon nap. After a 30 minute morning nap. Who needs a break? Oh, mommy? Nah...
  • We all three have colds. So add that to the kid not napping and the mom not sleeping. We are very happy here.


  1. I'm glad I found your blog from the multiples and more link up. I'll be following. My girls are 2 months younger than yours so this may just be my "preview of life" blog

  2. They go from loving the fans to loving the DVD player?! In some way I think I new this, but maybe blocked it out! We are still in the "in awe of the fan" phase. . .we've been there for a while though, so it's bound to end soon.
    We are struggling with naps too! Brianna refuses to sleep for me. I'm lucky to get a 20 minute morning nap and an afternoon nap is beyond rare. Livvy could sleep all day long. . .go figure. Glad to see you are surviving those precious little peanuts!!