Friday, January 20, 2012

I quit!

Ok, I realize I pretty much quit a long time ago. But I have lost all my bloggy momentum and I'm just not really interested anymore. When I have free time, I don't want to blog so I'm quitting! I feel relieved. Because until now, I mostly just felt guilty about not blogging enough (or at all) and I have enough to feel guilty about without adding more to the mix. Yay!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, we saw Santa yesterday. And FYI- if you get a Christmas card from us this year, this is what it will look like:

Friday, October 28, 2011

We owned it!

Steve's squadron put on a Trunk or Treat for the kids complete with costume contest. And who owned the Under 5's? We did. The girls won a pumpkin full of candy and a 3 day pass for their dad. If you can't tell, Amelia is Little Red Riding Hood and Claire is Dorothy. So sweet!
Mostly this is what we saw of Little Red- her back. That girl was running EVERYWHERE! And she can run, not just walk. She is so fast!
And Claire just hammed it up for everyone! She is such a sweet funny baby. She can whistle now!

Friday, October 21, 2011

So Steph, what have those girlies been up to?

Well, I'm glad you asked! We've been...
Checking out our bracelets from Aunt Heather
Refusing to smile for the camera
Climbing like a monkey
Cramming two girls into one car
Refusing to smile while taking a covered wagon ride
Wandering around at the Pumpkin Patch
Riding a pumpkin like a pony
Playing in Mommy's cabinets
Emptying an entire brand-new box of q-tips
Riding bareback on our pony
Seriously, Claire has turned into such a little monkey! I was putting Amelia down for her nap and when I came out to get Claire, this is what she was doing! She scared me to death. I mean, until I said "ok don't move so I can get the camera!"

I am enjoying this age so much! The girls are funny and they are learning so much ever day. Claire likes to growl at her dad and Amelia loooooves to say and sign "baby." Both girls are picking up a good bit of sign language and they can both say several words. Steve and I both love the way Amelia says "baaaaabee" and Claire likes to point at things and say "Wow" but it comes out "Wowow" which is adorable. I feel so lucky to be their mom!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Family Photos

I stole these off of my mother-in-law's facebook but I'm sure she won't mind.
Sweet Claire
The girls with their only cousins. From left to right- Leighton, Nana, Tommy, Amelia, Bob-bob, Claire
Steve's mom has cancer and she is going through chemo (like a trooper) right now and she's lost all her hair. I know she'll be glad to get her hair back but for now she's got a bunch of scarves and a wig!
They didn't know what to think about the new baby.
Bob-bob with all his grandkids. Check out our stylish look- shoes and pjs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things you never thought you'd say

"No baby! I just used that (rectal) thermometer on your sister! Don't put it in your mouth!"

I'm not going to say who did it. But Amelia has been sick with a 102 fever and she threw up in the night last night. That's a heck of a 2 am wakeup call.

Friday, September 16, 2011

We got shoes!

Now that we have a walker in the house, we decided it was time for shoes. After much deliberation, we got these:

They are absolutely darling. Much cuter than that picture makes them look. And the girls actually seem to like them. It was so hard to find a pair of shoes that would work for both girls. For one thing, they are two sizes apart- Amelia is in a 6 and Claire is in a 4. And apparently Claire has skinny ankles or oddly-shaped feet or something. Amelia was really easy to fit but we tried every pair of shoes in the store (literally) on poor Claire. One size would be almost too small (like she would grow out of them very quickly) and so we would go up a size and they would be like clown shoes. Even half-sizes didn't help. Anyway, these finally fit her and then it was easy to fit them on Amelia too. So we have shoes!

Daddy almost had a stroke when we told him how much they were though ($32). But I wanted them to have a good pair of shoes that they can wear for awhile. And for growing feet, I figure it is better to have one or two really good pairs of shoes than 4 or 5 crap pairs. Plus, look how cute!